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Become a Thorro Instructor, help students in need of real-world education, increase your income and do what you love - on your own terms!

"Thorro Learning has already gained so much traction, so getting certified was a natural move. It feels great to show people the benefits of a program that's based on solid science."

- Student from Class of Spring 2018

"The certification program gave me the perfect recipe for starting my tutoring career. Now I'm able to offer small-group classes three times a week, which my students love."

- Student from Class of Spring 2018

Get Certified at Your Own Pace, with All the Support You Need

The Thorro Learning certification program is a 1-day workshop per module. You can specialize in various modules in our STEM++ Curriculum, or you can choose to stick with just one module. Modules include Science, Business, Communication, Engineering and Coding.

To become a Thorro Instructor, attend one of our upcoming Certification workshops in your area. Each workshop provides you training to become a certified instructor for a specific module. We have five modules as part of our STEM++ curriculum: Engineering, Science, Business, Communication and Coding.  

Once certified, you will also get a paid access to the Thorro Instructor Network (TIN), for the module you're certified for. TIN gives you course materials, assessments, kits, and videos that help you run your classes.  

Whether you're looking for a career change or to make some extra cash, becoming a Thorro Instructor is a great move. Designed for flexibility and fun, the program makes it easy to set your own schedule and teach as many (or as few) classes as you want.  

Included with each session: 

  • Instructor manual 
  • Business model overview - pricing, promotion, location
  • Overview and deep dive into a specific module, including hands-on activities, best practices to engage children, and ways to promote learning 
  • Certificate of completion  
  • Online instructor videos for review (with active TIN membership) 
  • Access to student assessments (with active TIN membership)
  • Access to kits (with active TIN membership)